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Textile cleaning rags

For many years we are one of the quality cleaning rag manufacturer in Germany. We produce the goods for you after exact specification. These cleaning rags arise from the natural circulation of the textile recycling industry. They are not produced chemically and they don’t pollute the environment. After use, these rags are disposed of without problems (eg. recycling or waste-to-energy).
Our manufacturing assures proper quality, the rags are free of hooks and eyelets, no zippers, buttons etc.

We produce with accordance to DIN 61 650

Type Description absorbing polishing
Coloured trikot
Cotton, knitted,dark

Lightely coloured tricot
Cotton, knitted, lightely coloured

Lightely coloured tricot 35x35 cm
Cotton, knitted, lightely coloured, handcut
Maesure: 35x35 cm (10 kg paket)
Extra light tricot
Cotton, knitted, extra light  
White tricot
Cotton, knitted, white  
White tricot II
Cotton, knitted, white, with sporadical coloured prints  
White stretch towelling
Cotton, knitted, with low proportion of synthetics  
Cotton, coloured

Terry towel
Cut terry towels

Cotton, woven, dark  
Lightely coloured calico
Cotton, woven, lightly coloured  
White calico
Cotton, woven, white  
White calico II
Cotton, woven, white with low proportion of synthetics (blended fabric)  
Light IA/C
Cotton, cut bedclothes, woven material, coloured  
Light IA/C flannelette
Cotton, cut bedclothes, woven, napped material, coloured  
White IA/C
Cotton, cut bedclothes, woven, white, measure about 40x60cm  
White IA/C flannelette
Cotton, cut bedclothes, woven, white, napped  
White IA/C (spezial sizes)
Cotton, handcut bedclothes, woven, white Measure: 7x7 cm, 8x8 cm, 10x10 cm (Packaging in 10 kg kartons) Measure: 40x40 cm, 35x50 cm (Packaging in 25 kg kartons)
Maße: 40x40 cm, 35x50 cm (Verpackung: 25 kg Kartons)
Blue calico
Jeans cleaning rags    
Blue blended fabric    
Blended fabric, knitted material, coloured


Schwerputz coloured
Blended fabric    
White II
White Schwerputz, blended fabric    
Further products:      
darkcoloured, grey, white, bright white, yellow (yellow is solvent resistant)
Measure: about. 40x40 cm, 10 kg packets
  Cotton waste
white, coloured (Beschreibung...)  
white, single-ply, 23x38 cm,  2500 sheets
white, two-ply, 27x38 cm, 1500 sheets
white, four-ply, 38x38 cm, 1000 sheets
blue, two-ply, 38x38 cm, 1000 sheets
blue, three-ply, 38x38 cm, 1000 sheets
Dark-coloured, quilted
Measure: ca. 40x40 cm, 1000 Pieces/packet (ca. 25 kg)

Packaging: 5 kg bags or 10 kg bags/sacks of 25 kg / bale of 25 kg, 50 kg or 60 kg
also on europallets of 300 kg (Bales) and iron-barred box (sacks or bags) is possible
Delivery within 5 working days after order

Do not hesitate to contact us and request a quote.

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